Brit Care Puppy Milk Replacer 250gm

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Complete food for newborn puppies up to 6 weeks
Nourishing enough for motherless puppies
Provides nutrients for optimal growth and health
Probiotics reduce the risk of indigestion
Easily digestible
Can also be used to promote milk secretion, puppy growth and healing of dogs
Supports immunity
Strengthens bones and teeth
Optimal growth and health

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Brit Care Puppy Milk is a milk substitute for babies dogs, pregnant and lactating female dogs and convalescing dogs.
Characteristics: – Complete food for newborn puppies up to 6 weeks of age. – It provides sufficient nutrition for motherless puppies. – Provides nutrients for optimal growth and health. – Probiotics reduce the risk of digestive disorders. – High digestibility. – It can also be used for a better start of breastfeeding for growing puppies and dogs for convalescents. – Promotes immunity. – Develops the bones and teeth. – optimal growth and health. Power Guide Mix thoroughly dehydrated milk in a ratio of 1 part of dried milk to 3 parts warm water (40 – 45 ° C) and cooled to pour the milk of mother’s body temperature (38-39 ° C) .Prepare always fresh milk for all meals. Always use clean dishes to prepare. The excellent tolerance allows simultaneous feeding with a bottle and direct mother breastfeeding without digestive problems. The daily amount of food given (feeding table) must be divided into several smaller amounts given throughout the day. From 4 weeks of age, it is appropriate to begin to give also to the dogs food Brit Care Puppy All Breed super premium. Of 6-8 weeks old, you can go all the way to the exclusive feeding this food. Table Feed: dogs


Age in weeks1234
ml / per 100gm bodyweight / day13-1515-182020

10 measuring spoon  (10 × 2,5 g) + 75 ml water = 100 ml milk


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