Cozie Cat Premium Cat Litter Apple 5L

৳ 320.00 ৳ 375.00

Premium clumping cat litter with added silica gel. No dust. Apple scented.

Cozie Cat Premium Cat Litter Apple 5L  FeaTures :

1. Silica beads added

The natural fresh scent of silica beads provides fresh smell to Cozie Cat Premium Cat Litter.

2.Super clumping

The clumps of Cozie Cat Premium Cat Litter after absorbing cat urine is super strong and will not break when falling from the height of 100 cm.

3.Quick absorption

The bottom of the litter box withCozie Cat Premium Cat Litter is not wet when cleaning and it is more economical for cat owners.

4.No dust

This Cat Litter has no dust which can bring a better environment for cat owners.

5.100% natural

The raw material of Cat Litter is 100% natural which can 100% guarantee the safety of human best friends.


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