Sanicat Bianca Absorbent Cat Litter 5 Lt

৳ 350.00 ৳ 450.00

Sanicat Bianca absorbent cat litter comes with super absorbent formula for faster absorb and bacterial control.


Sanicat Bianca Absorbent Cat Litter 5L

Absorbent Sanicat Bianca
Maximum whiteness completely natural and pure.

Thanks to its color and granularity, Absorbent Bianca is an absolute favorite cat litter for pet owners who are looking for both good absorption and aesthetics.

Its new composition of 100 % white sepiolite ensures effective absorption, free from dust, additives and fragrances.

Because it is fine, dust-free, it is also soft for your cat’s paws.


Composition: White sepiolite.

Format: Available in 5 L.


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