GimCat Kitten Paste 50gm

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GimCat Kitten Paste was created especially for the needs of younger cats (aged over 6 weeks).

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GimCat Kitten Paste – for your kitten’s optimum growth!

Kittens need many proteins, vitamins and minerals to grow big and strong. Together, they strengthen the immune system and help bone and teeth formation.

GimCat Kitten Paste therefore provides positive support for:

  • Support of growth
  • Enhancement of vision and heart functions
  • Healthy cell protection

Support for harmonious growth!

The most special memories are made by bringing up young cats, watching them curiously take on the world, investigate everything, learn to jump – and grow up so quickly! During this growth, the cat’s organism is working overtime – the skeleton growth is gaining momentum, the immune system is still immature and developing, adult teeth are forcing out milk teeth, cells are dividing and organs are maturing.

How can our paste help?

GimCat Kitten Paste with HEALTHY-GROWTH FORMULA contains:

  • Optimal calcium/phosphorous ratio to stimulate growth and healthy bones
  • 12 vitamins, trace elements and minerals for a strong immune system
  • Linseed oil and fish oil for healthy cell protection
  • Taurine to strengthen eyesight and heart function
  • Egg yolk to cover the essential requirement for arachidonic acid
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