Pet Bangla is the first online pet supplies store in Bangladesh which was started by an ordinary pet lover and an enthusiast on 2011 with a different name and the current name was taken on June 2014. On that time there were no other online pet supplies store in Bangladesh. Pet owners were facing various issues when they needed to buy supplies for their pets, mostly the availability of certain food products and not to mention the never ending traffic which would prevent one from seeking out to the stores and coming back home without a long hour’s hassle. Before Pet Bangla was established, pet food and other supplies were only available at Katabon and some other mega malls in the city but the price was comparatively high. Nowadays everyone is busy with corporate life so it’s very difficult to find out time from a busy schedule and go out for pet supplies.
The founder of Pet Bangla came up with a plan that would end the pet owners’ problems once in for all. He came up with a solution that comes with good price and less worries. Then he started Pet Bangla, country’s first online pet supplies store which provides you home delivery service in a good price with best quality. Now you don’t need to go outside nor find out time from your busy schedule for buying pet supplies for your loving pet. Whatever you need for your pet, order online and get them home delivered in a short amount of time.
Pet Bangla will always be at your service to keep you and your pet happy.
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